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Tuesday Studio Rehearsal Crew
Tuesday Studio Rehearsal Crew

Tuesday Studio Rehearsal Crew

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Welcome to Danzversity!! Thank you for choosing our space, we are here to promote the arts to our community. Please read the following information:

Rate: $45 an hour unless otherwise discussed with Danzversity crew.

Includes entire facility for rehearsal use only.


Key lock box is in the planter to the right, key code is: 8429 

Please obtain the key, use it to unlock, and lock the front door, when you are finished please put key back in lock box and rotate number sequence.


Please keep sound to a mid level range in order to avoid anyone complaining. It’s usually not a problem, just to be safe. Check your phone computer to make sure it’s a mid range volume as well. 


Please turn off all lights (except outside bar light), sound system and lock the facility after use. A/C you can turn it down to 72. Box is by the restroom, you may use the fans, turn off when leaving as well. 

We kindly ask that you leave the space the way that you found it. It exsists for you to share your creativity. Help us keep it special, warm and welcoming.


Please do not touch the mirrors. 

Damages: You are responsible for any damages on the property during your rehearsal time. If damages occur while on the premises, please advice facilitate managers immediately. If you spill or need cleaning supplies, they are in the back storage room. There are also cleaning supplies and toilet paper, paper towels etc. under the sink cabinet. 

We hope you enjoy our space! #beyou

Emergency contact: 9153834329 Jaymie