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Meet St. Matthew - Fitness Guru, Coach and Danz Facilitator

St. Matthew Ellis is the lead fitness and dance instructor of Danzversity. Heavily influenced by Carribbean, Latin, African, and American Hip-Hop culture, Matthew’s dancing is a rich mixture of heritiage and never-before-seen innovation. Born in Port Antonio, Jamaica, Matthew grew up with a love for soccer and dance. At the age of 11, Matthew started Sugar Crew, a dance group that performed for five years. After moving to Fullerton, California, at the age of 16, Matthew formed a five member dance group called Gospel Dancers. A year later, Matthew found himself in St. Petersburg, Russia, forming an eight-person dance group called Worship Dancers. Back in the States, Matthew earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Economics and a Master of Arts degree in Leadership Studies and Public Administration from the University of Texas at El Paso. Passionate about the community, Matthew would one day like to coach high school football.